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BA (Hons) Game Asset Development, Research Paper created in 2017:

For the full paper, please click on this link: Accessibility Revolution: Could VR Change the Experience for Deaf Gamers?


Video games offer entertainment, relaxation and an escape from reality. However, this expectation does not always match the experiences of players with disabilities. These frustrations have led to the rise of game accessibility that aims to improve the overall gaming experience for all. Deaf gamers are in a unique situation as subtitles are the most common available feature, yet they might not prove to be fully accessible for them.

Virtual Reality (VR) is an innovative technology that offers an immersive experience with potential in a wide range of fields. Studies have found that using a 3D avatar with animated sign language successfully improved the outcomes in education for Deaf children. This evidence may also suggest that using Deaf peoples’ natural language could offer positive experiences for them outside of an education setting, in video games. Furthermore, the result also implies that Deaf people may struggle with the written word. Therefore, the most common accessibility feature for Deaf gamers, subtitles, may not be sufficient for this minority group of gamers.

Once the experiences of Deaf gamers have been explored, the emerging trend of VR and its potential will be examined to see where, and if, it could improve their gaming experience

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