Fun with BSL (British Sign Language)

For my first year of BA (Hons) Games Development (2016), I created a major individual project (a functional prototype) using Unity as I wanted to develop C# skills.

I wanted to create a fun game that offers an opportunity for young children and families to learn and practice British Sign Language (BSL). This is a subject close to my heart, as I have a young niece whose parents are Deaf and BSL users. Based on my initial research at the time, there was nothing out there that combined BSL with fun so wanted to create something that could be useful for my family.

For my first major programming project I found the experience challenging yet fascinating. I gained in-depth understanding of UI design and programming as well as how to implement the video clips.

The images are not mine as the project’s objective was  programming rather than graphic aesthetics.

You can find a playable version of this prototype on