Epic MegaJam 2017: Abyssal Axolotl

The challenge is to create a game using Unreal Engine 4 based on the theme given only at the beginning of the Epic Megajam 2017, a week long event.

Theme: ‘However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.’

My role: Games Designer

My challenge was to design a simplified version Game Design Document (GDD) to guide the team of four based on our diverse ideas and wishes.

As it needed to be easy to create quickly and highly visual to be of any use to the team, I chose to create a visual board with key image and information on it so it would be easy to scan. This is supplemented with a simple and a detailed storyboards. The detailed storyboard is designed to aid the team programmer regarding the game mechanics.

The game evolved beyond the GDD, as the week deadline was approaching to a close, I decided against updating GDD as it would be useful and pitched in by creating 3D assets to help fill improve the background aesthetics of the game instead.

The game was completed on time and submitted.

Please click here to download Abyssal Axolotl