Global Game Jam 2019: Human Solutions

The Trigger:

Global Game Jam (GGJ) 2019 set a challenge of creating a playable game within 48 hours with the chosen theme of ‘REPAIR’.

The Quest:

The theme of ‘repair’ inspired an idea from me based on my personal experiences as a Deaf person. This along with general awareness that many disabled people do not consider ourselves as something that needed to be ‘fixed’ even though this may seem contrary to a societal goal.

Tiz Creel and I decided to create an interactive and physical game to represent our idea. We needed to represent our concept without becoming confronted. We decided to make a family-friendly prototype that lets people interact with the game before coming to an understanding that the creature was fine as they are!

The Heroine:

Due to the limited time we had, I being the one with knowledge of programming and psycial computing, took on the majority of this area while ensuring that Tiz had the opportunity to give it a go. After all this is what game jam is all about!

I used Arduino with Arduino Uno circuit board and attempted to apply my recently gained knowledge

The Widsom:

The prototype was a huge hit with the GGJ community with wonderful feedbacks on the

The interactive game proved to be a huge hit with the GGJ community! The participates showered us with lovely feedback on our project and the concept.
Even though my attempt to improve the mechanic just a little more resulted in the majority of the code failing to work at the last minute!

This taught me even with most minimal viable prototype, it can still be a success and can show This taught me even with the most minimal viable prototype they can still be a success. This allows for an opportunity to discover if it is worth creating farther prototypes. Tiz and I agreed it is worth to continue its development.

Please have a look at Tiz’s portfolio for more information, video and images.