Educational Game Jam 2018: Pink and Blue

The Trigger:

The Educational Game Jam set us a goal: to create a social impact game based on the theme of ‘Gender (In)Equality. We are to create the game using Game Salad as they was a sponser of this game jam.

The Quest:

With a time constrain of 48 hours, the team of 4 decided to develop two-players platformer. The two players took on role of one of the twins, Jamie and Billie, and they need to work together to obtain their prizes: the Toy Shop.

The reason the twins wanted to go to a Toy Shop was that it is their birthday and they were disappointed with their heavily gendered presents. They had some birthday money so they wanted to buy themselves gifts that they really wanted.

Along the way they face challenges from rude NPCs who try to correct the twin’s behaviours, to shame themselves into conforming gender correct set of rules.

The Heroine:

I undertook all of the art using Affinity Designer and created simple graphic style considering the limited time. For the twins I wanted to create characters that are not obviously ‘white’ in hope of increasing sense of kindred with wider audience. For the NPCs I wanted to ensure that various races would be represented without stereotyping their images. I also helped with visual programming that Game Salad utilised with the team.

The Wisdom:

Though my previous experience with programming helped me to make sense of Game Salad’s visual scripting, it did make thing harder because I tried to script some mechanics I knew would be simple with Unity and C# proved to be a challenege with Game Salad!

As we only had a day to complete game development, it told me that it should have been a game with familiar basic mechanic instead of trying to expand it into a platformer with a twist. The first day was spent on discussing gender inequality and our personal experiences of it as well as planning for our game.

My art style was well recieved though I feel I still have more to learn how to represent diversity of people more. I had hoped to include some disabled representation too but ran out of time.

The game prototype is hosted by a team member on Game Salad, please click this sentence.