The Heroine

My name is Geordi. I create games about empathy. I am a passionate advocate for accessibility in game. I live with my dog, Boy. Perhaps, most importantly, I am Deaf* and a signer who know 5 Sign Languages (British, American, Jordanian, Estonian and Russian)!

I have always been eager to help people in some way. And while it has been a long journey to where I am now, I am excited to use games as a medium to help raise awareness about disability and accessibility.

Out of the works in my portfolio, I believe that the games ‘Noisy Silence’ and ‘Human Solutions’ reflect who I am as a person best. Noisy Silence was created as a narrative game that explored experiences and struggles of a Deaf person (me!). It was designed specifically to elicit emapthy from players, so they might better understand life from a Deaf point of view. Human Solutions was created for Global Game Jam 2019 when the revealed theme of ‘repair’ inspired an idea. I wanted to create something that demonstrated how many disabled people, including Deaf people, do not feel that we need to be ‘fixed’ or ‘repaired’, as often seems to be a societal goal.

I aspire to continue my education and obtain my PhD. I enjoy researching and hope to discover a way to integrate sign language into VR games rather than rely on text (like subtitles) for accessibility. This idea was inspired by my brother (who is also Deaf) and our attempts to play games such as World of Warcraft (WoW) together. We struggled, as he is fluent in Sign Language but less so written English. British Sign Language has its own grammatical structure and rules are different to English, so it cannot be directly translated. I found that trying to explain the jargon associated with WoW via text to be difficult, and wanted to find a way to speak (or, in this case, sign) in our common language.

I am a Deaf Game Designer, and I look forward to new and exciting opportunities to create accessible and thought-provoking games!

*Deaf with capital D (as opposed to deaf with a lower-case d) describes being Deaf as a cultural identity instead of a medical condition.

You can find me on Twitter and Itch.IO too.